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planting for our future

our trees


To offset our emissions I decided to sign up with Ecologi.

A carbon offsetting company that funds climate projects.

Check out my trees here

Carbon emissions are excreted through the burning of fossil fuels and the ill management of waste.


Carbon Offsetting is the reduction of carbon emissions, by investing in environmental projects, to compensate for emissions released elsewhere. Projects could involved launching clean energy technologies or soaking up CO2 directly from the air through the planting of trees.

I was extremely caution when starting this business to create as little impact as possible,

looking into all aspects of my process from raw materials, to production, energy and waste. To figure out the most sustainable methods and solutions. I also looked at the life of my product after production, how they would impact our world during their lifecycle in someones wardrobe

and what happens to them when they are no longer wearable.

Here are some of the ways in which I reduce my CO2 :

I use natural materials and fibres to create my garments - renewable resources that biodegrade

Which I source from UK suppliers - to reduce transport emissions

I also reuse secondhand materials - to reduce the production of raw materials

I create durable and long lasting pieces - you won't have to consistently replace

I run made to order - to lower the rate of production and eliminate waste

I use solar energy to power my studio and home - which is a renewable green source

I upcycle my scraps - stopping waste entering landfills

I eat a plant based vegan diet - to boycott the animal agriculture industry and reduce their impact

I compost my waste - turning it into a resource to feed my garden

However, my biggest carbon output is transport.

Transporting materials to me and products to you, which

I would love to use a greener alternative, but unfortunately there are none.

Also transporting myself and gear to and from markets and photoshoots,

which I would also love to have an electric car, however this isn't feasible at the moment.

Although carbon offsetting is not the solution nor an excuse,

it does help to combat my C02 output and supports climate projects.

The Bad


I also wanted to give some more informations on the downside of carbon offsetting,

and why it's important to be aware of the greenwashing that comes with it,

also why it's crucial to choose your company wisely.

One fully grown tree will absorb sufficiently more C02 than saplings.

Projects involving reforestation can consequently end up with the wrong trees being planted in inefficient patterns or locations, causing additional problems, like trees being susceptible to burning, deforestation and damage.


We’d need to plant 40 billion trees annually to offset the global emissions created.


It has been criticised for being a way for people who can afford it, to rid themselves of their environmental guilt without actually changing their behaviours.

Big corporate giants use it as a way of greenwashing their way to success without actually doing very much, saying they offset their impact when they continue to be the cause of so much deforestation, destruction and pollution.

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