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our story

how it all began

Shop Elleclipse is a made to order conscious clothing brand founded by me, Elle. Where I combined my passion for sustainable living and love of clothes, to produce a clothing label  that was different.

New Zealand

Each design is influenced by my travels & takes inspiration from nature. Creating earthy toned, low impact and versatile garments, with a timeless, eco-conscious and waste-led design. That respects the globe we trek. 

During my early 20s I lived out of a backpack solo travelling Europe, South East Asia and New Zealand, exploring our natural world and eating lots of delicious vegan food.

Fox Glacier

Whilst travelling I became increasingly aware of the devastating impact humans were having on our planet, especially when it came to our clothing. So from a desire to make beautiful things that worked in harmony with nature, I created an alternative you can trust.

Shop Elleclipse was born in the spring of 2020 from my conservatory. Where I taught myself to machine sew and pattern draft, so I could create original garments, that were gender and size inclusive.


I started my brand with two items, available in four rich earthy toned oeko-tex certified Italian linens, allowing me to test the waters and start to grow my audience.

My aim was to design bold, comfy and flattering garments, using high quality natural fibres, to create as little impact as possible. Being honest and transparent about my creative process.

Cemlyn Bay

By starting my own brand, I am able to stay true to my ethics and values, putting people over profit and the planet over convenience. Creating earthy-friendly products that would biodegrade back into nature leaving no trace.

With sustainability at the core, I chose to run a made-to-order business, where I only create a garment once someone has made an order, this system stops over production and unnecessary waste.


I was adamant that every stage of production was as low impact and zero waste as possible. Looking into each aspect from energy, to equipment, materials and packaging, to source the best methods.

Also being vigorous with my waste, making sure nothing is thrown to landfill or ends up in the ocean, but instead is upcycled into more fun art or responsibly disposed of.


Each piece is handmade by me, from my zero waste home studio, by the Norfolk seaside. Where I’m assisted by my two cavapoo puppies Remus & Sirius. I design, cut, sew and packaged every single item just for you.

Shop Elleclipse create soft, breathable and functional clothing you can wear everyday and on your travels.

Chang Mai

Continuing this endeavour I will be expanding my range to include more innovative sustainable fabrics, that work in harmony with our planet & to complement our capsule collections, I hope to introduce some fun, minimalistic and intriguing nature inspired prints.

I hope one day to have a small team of uk sewists, to help me create your picturesque garments and develop my brand to provide you with more ways into sustainable fashion, that are accessible, affordable and inclusive.

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