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natural, ethical, sustainable & biodegradable

our materials

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I use medium weight premium quality softened linen fabric for my garments, that is oeko-tex certified. Linen is a natural fibre made in Europe from the flax plant. It is 12x stronger than cotton, durable, breathable and biodegradable. I source my linen from a small family run business based in the uk, who get it from a company in Italian. To achieve the vibrant pigments they use low impact eco-reactive dyes, to minimise their harm to the environment.


Organic Hemp Canvas

I use light hemp canvas fabric as a sustainable replacement for interfacing to reinforce areas. Particularly on the button hole flaps as they are heavily strained and on the waistband to create shape. It is made from 55% organic hemp and 45% organic cotton. A natural, vegan and biodegradable product.



Organic Cotton Thread

For thread I originally chose Guttermans natural cotton thread, however it came on a plastic spool, so once I found Scanfils organic cotton thread on a wooden spool I switched. Scanfils thread is spun from the finest long staple Egyptian cotton, grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. It uses natural dyes, natural lubrication and a very stringent mercizing process. It is GOTS certified and Oeko-Tex certified.


Natural Rubber Elastic

Our elastic is made in Austria from 60% certified organic cotton & 40% natural rubber. Its biodegradable and plastic free, a great alternative to conventional plastic elastic.


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Coconut Buttons

Coconut buttons are a by-product of the food industry made from waste shells, they are tough, natural and biodegradable. I source my button secondhand via etsy.


Cork Leather Labels

Our cork leather labels are produced from thin sheets of natural cork obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is a natural alternative to real leather, thats vegan, chemical free and extremely light. Cork leather is durable, water resident, hypoallergenic and anti-fungal.


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All my materials are natural and biodegradable,

creating earth friendly products that won't pollute our planet,

leaving no trace or waste at the end of their life.

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