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your questions answered


  • Why is all your clothing out of stock?
    I have decided to take a break from making clothes to allow myself time to exlpore other avenues of my business, however I am still able to make accessory items to order.
  • When can I expect my order?
    Each piece is handmade to order just for you, so the wait time is 14 days. If you haven't received a confirmation email 14 working days after your order has been placed, please get in touch.
  • Can I track my order?
    Yes! You can follow the journey you garment takes to you with royal mail track and trace, your tracking number will be included in your confirmation email.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes we ship all over, your shipping prices will be determined at checkout. To see all the countries rocking our garments, I created a page dedicated to our worldwide community, check out my page our places.
  • What is your returns policy?
    Unfortunately I cannot accept returns at this time, each pieces is handmade to order just for you. However if there is a true fault with the item you have received, please get in contact asap and I will do everything I can to help rectify the situation.
  • How does 'made to order' work?
    As a small one woman show I make everything to order to reduce waste. Once an order is placed, I then buy the required fabric, once that arrives I begin to make your garments from scratch and once complete I package and post it directly to you.
  • Are you able to gift wrap or include a gift message?
    Ofcourse! I can add a personal message to your order free of charge, just pop it as a note in your cart. For gift wrapping, just add this service to your basket and I will happily wrap your piece(s) beautifully.
  • How do I wash and care for my ShopElleclipse garments?
    We advice to handwash all Shop Elleclipse garments, due to natural quality of linen prefering a gentler touch. Use an eco detergeant and softener to be kinder on the planet. Please do not tumble dry, but instead hang your pieces out on a line to air dry, being sure to place them out of direct sunlight. Click here to read more about this.
  • Who makes your garments and where?
    Hey I'm Elle, the founder of Shop Elleclipse. I do it all, designing, pattern cutting, garment manufacturing, customer service, marketing, photography, web design and distribution. Each garment is handmade to order by me from my home studio, by the Norfolk seaside, in the UK. Learn more about me on our founders page.
  • Where do you source your fabrics?
    All the fabrics I use are either natural, organic or secondhand and all sourced in the UK, they are all low impact and ethically produced. The linen I use is from Linenoholic, BAWN Textiles or Merchant&Mills. The hemp I use is from The Hemp Shop or Merchant&Mills. I also source other fabrics from BAWN Textiles, Merchant&Mills & Good Fabric. My secondhand fabrics are handpicked by me from charity shops.
  • What makes your brand sustainable?
    Here at Shop Elleclipse I do everything I can to lower my impact both on the environment and the humans/animal who inhabit this planet. From design, to materials, energy and waste. I have been conscious about sourcing the most low impact and innovative resources. Read more about my sustainability pledge and how I take actions to reduce my impact in the sustainability drop down menu.
  • Are your products vegan?
    100% I believe in equality for all living things. None of my garments contain any animal products or products tested on animals.
  • How do I become and eco-warrior?
    Living sustainably is all about those small conscious actions that make a huge difference. Open your mind to the world around you and be considerate of your consumption. Start to questions what things are made from, where they are made and who made them. Ask yourself if your really need things. Learn to love what you already have, start shopping secondhand and look for brand you believe in to support. Remember imperfectly trying is better than not trying at all :)
  • When's your next collection launching?
    Come join us on instagram @shopelleclipse for a behind the scenes look and update on everything new.
  • What do I do with my packaging?
    Compost me please! I use home compostable mailer bags so you don't have to worry about waste, simply remove all the labels, then cut the bag up and place in the compost. It'll then biodegrade back into nature leaving no trace. How fab is that! The branded postcard is made from recycled card, which can be recycled or composted, or even better, hang me up on your wall as a piece of art. The seeds are from my sunflowers, so be sure to plant them in the spring, either in the ground or a pot and place out side in the sun. The packaging is from recycled paper I receive my fabric in and is compostable/recyclable. The sticker is also compostable.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Absolutely, I would love to have my garments stocked in your store! Please contact me for details.
  • Who can I contact about press or PR?
    I’d love to hear from you! Any press queries can be sent to me, Elle, directly at or drop me a DM on Instagram
  • Can I use your garments for a shoot?
    I would love for you to use my garments for a shoot or for styling, however each piece is made to order so I don't have a backlog of average sizes waiting around, but please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll see what I can do.
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