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looking after your garments

how to care

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I have designed each garment with longevity in mind, creating high quality comfy and durable clothing that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Our clothing is meant to be hand washed, rinsed in lukewarm water with some eco detergent.

Try to wash infrequently or only when dirty, washing clothing often actually damages it more than wearing it.

To refresh between wears hand wash the underarms alone.

Iron on a warm temperature inside out.

Hang in a wardrobe, as repeated folding can cause permanent creases.

Although they are practical pieces, these garments are not designed as workwear or to endure tough terrain or hard graft.

Natural fibre clothing will soften with each wear and age beautifully, creating a unique and comfy garment.

All our materials and fibres are natural and compostable so will go back to nature, creating no waste.


cherishing your garments


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